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FFN Learning Center


Education and Skills Training for the Regenerative Community

Growing the Growers

As the demand for nutritious food continues to rise, markets across the country are stepping up to provide educational resources to their vendors and community members. By empowering everyone to understand the principles of growing the healthiest crops, and strengthening small businesses, markets can build sustainable, regenerative food systems that break down systemic barriers to healthy food access.


With FFN, your market has the power to provide educational resources for vendors and community members in order to promote an understanding of dietary needs, small business management, and healthier farming practices.


Through FFN’s learning platform, your market can do this in a variety of ways, such as offering classes online, virtual and live classes, or submitting courses for public consumption.


The incredible importance of growing our growers will only increase in the future. By starting now, your food system will be stronger and more relied upon by those who need you the most.

Farm Fresh Network

Your Community Needs More from Your Market

Good Training is Good Business

Communities need healthier, sustainable, long-term food systems that aren’t susceptible to supply shocks. More and more communities are looking inwards to their local growers and producers to fill gaps left by commercial grocers. While many in the community are stepping up to the challenge, your food system has to support their growth as well. Because in the long-term, dependable alternative food systems like yours ensure your community has what it needs when supply shocks happen.

Educating growers and producers ensures your food system is built on the cornerstone of good business. Current and future vendors need a platform by which they can learn new ways of farming, producing, and even conducting small business practices. All of which need to be taught, built, and re-enforced over time.

It's No Longer Just a Farmers' Market

Farm Fresh Network is with you every step of the way as you meet the challenges of today’s community market. That’s why we’ve built Cornerstone Learning Center, to ensure you have a platform to re-enforce today’s vendors, while growing the next crop of growers, producers, and local business leaders.

Because it’s no longer just a farmer’s market. It’s a system for sustainability in not just your community, but each of the neighborhoods that make your community special. It’s about empowering your families, friends, and neighbors to help build something unique, something powerful, something yours. When it’s this important, your future should be built on education in order to secure the future.

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That’s why we’ve partnered with one of the leading learning management systems to bring our clients the best educational tools available. Our learning platform uses intuitive programs so clients can design custom built classes just right for their audience. With easy to use and easy to understand learning systems, each class can be carefully crafted to educate those in your unique industry.

Every student is important. To engage as many as possible, we’ve made sure your classes can be live-streamed, virtual, or remotely completed. When you host your education services online, your educational reach becomes unlimited. Keep your classes available online to ensure those who couldn’t make it, can get there in their own time. With FFN’s Learning Center, your classes become more than a few times a week, they become the foundation to a regenerative community.

Provide your own unique training. Watch your community grow healthier crops, build stronger businesses, and sustain a long-term vibrancy in your community.

Find out how you can enhance the education in your food system!

Watch your community grow healthier crops, build stronger businesses, and sustain a long-term vibrancy in your community. 

FFN Learning Center

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